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Dryas Julia

Belas imagens de Maracuja que encontrei esta semana no Flickr:

Dryas Julia
Image by Antonio Machado
Nome: Dryas Julia
Família: Nymphalidae
Sub-Família: Heliconinae
Nome comum:
Planta hospedeira: Passiflora mucronata
Nome comum: Maracuja silvestre

Dryas julia (also spelled iulia), commonly called the Julia butterfly or Julia Heliconian, is a species of butterfly (an insect). The sole representative of its genus, the Julia is native from Brazil to southern Texas and Florida, and in summer can sometimes be found as far north as eastern Nebraska. Over 15 subspecies have been described.

Its wingspan ranges from 82 to 92 mm, and it is colored orange (brighter in male specimens) with black markings; this species is somewhat unpalatable to birds and belongs to the "orange" Batesian mimic complex (Pinheiro 1996).

It feeds on the nectar of flowers including lantana and shepherd’s needle (Scandix pecten-veneris), and its caterpillars form hosts in passion vines including Passiflora affinis and Passiflora lutea (the yellow passionvine) in Texas. The Julia is a fast flier and frequents clearings, paths, and margins of forests and woodlands.

Esta obra está licenciada sob uma Licença Creative Commons.

Flor do maracuja
Image by Danielle Albuquerque

musse de maracujá
Image by pj.carlos
com semente

mousse de maracuja
Image by alexandra saito

mousse de maracuja

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