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Gross! What You Didn’t Want To Know About Toilets

Where Do Toilets Come From?

When you broach the subject of toilets, most are either disinterested in the subject, or repulsed. However, toilets are very closely tied to the development of many civilizations, and they have drastically affected human health. Before flushing toilets were introduced to the masses, many were afflicted with health maladies, such as dysentery, food poisoning and much more. The toilet emerged in various regions of the world in the ancient times. Furthermore, there are many commonalities that you will observe across cultures with respect to the development of toilets. Toilets came into existence at approximately 2800 B.C. and they emerged in various places in the world. In the days of antiquity, toilets were a characteristic of affluent households. In the Harappan civilization in particular, running water systems were used, and this facilitated their ability to cleanse toilets of waste matter.

Where Do Flowing Toilets Originate?

Scholars have noted that one of the earliest flowing water toilets came to being in regions of Scotland, between 3100 BC and 2500 BC. Furthermore, a variety of other civilizations, such as those in Ancient Egypt, Rome, Crete and Persia, made use of toilets and flowing water systems. When archaeologists excavated parts of Southern Vietnam, they took notice of ancient toilets, which left remnants that provided insight into the human diet of that time, as well as common diseases that were being battled. In the Roman civilization, running sewer systems were introduced in order to regulate human waste production.

European Toilet Use

In the early ages of Europe and the Middle East, many individuals utilized what is now referred to as chamber pots, which were latrines composed of either copper or china. They were often beautifully decorated. In England, in particular, maids were instructed to dump the contents of these chamber pots into slop sinks located in their cupboards. Eventually, these slop sinks and chamber pots were no longer able to accommodate large, growing, urban populations. Many individuals were forced to create cesspits or cesspools in the ground in order to collect waste. There were a group of waste professionals whose duties entailed retrieving accumulated waste matter and dumping it into sewer systems designed for human waste. Many sectors of the population held a firm conviction that human waste was essential for fertilizer and ammonia production. Yet, this elicited various health concerns. In countries without running water and toilet system, the rate of dysentery and other diseases is relatively high.



American Toilet Use

Before the toilet, most Americans relied on both cesspools and outhouses in order to dispose of waste. The more advanced toilet models were utilized by the upper class individuals. But by the 1920s, working class and middle class families used flushing toilets in order to reduce the occurrence of health issues linked to a lack of sanitation.

In present day culture, toilets are a typical fixture in every American household, and toilet paper is used as the primary means of cleanliness in latrines. We even incorporate the use of portable restrooms for outdoor events. In other regions of the world, such as Asia, South America, Europe and the Middle East, bidets are far more common. These high pressure water systems are engineered to powerfully rinse the private areas, and they are believed to be more sanitary. In Islamic culture, toilet paper is deemed unsanitary.

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