Konbini Friday in Rio

A few top nice maracuyá images found on Flickr:

Konbini Friday in Rio
Image by phossil
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365: April 09
Image by illuminaut
1. Fact #23 you didn’t know about me: I grow my own vegetables., 2. "A wise traveler never despises his own country.", 3. Smileys, 4. Heart-Shaped Box, 5. He tried to hide behind transparency, 6. A cup is a cup, 7. Dead Ringer, 8. Conejo a la parilla, 9. Party of one, 10. Tres65, 11. Maracuya, 12. Final Score: 1 – 2, 13. Playing Golf With My Flesh Crawling, 14. Stubborn, 15. Plugged In, 16. Stop raining on me, parade (outtake), 17. Grease, 18. Parilla, 19. Alamo Square, 20. Bolivia Jeans, 21. It ain’t easy bein’ cheesy, 22. Tolerance In A Transitory Universe, 23. The Valiant Little Carpenter, 24. Epiphany, 25. Bolivia Jeans, 26. Get out of the way, dude!, 27. New toy, 28. Night shift, 29. Blue Steel, 30. Swimming somewhere in Nowhereland.

Don Churros in Chantilly, VA
Image by Groupon
Andrea and Starr Lily Stevens enjoying some Mora and Maracuya jugo at Don
Churros in Chantilly Virginia. Thanks groupon!!!!!! The churros are just as
delicious as my baby’s ears.

Morgan S.

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