Authentic Tantric Massage

Few sensual experiences rival the effectiveness of stimulating the libido like the experience of a Tantric massage. The practice of the Tantra addresses the spiritual and sensual aspects of health, relaxation and addresses divine sexual energy. Special breathing techniques are performed as an addition to sensual massage maneuvers that cover the entire body and encourage physical pleasure and spiritual awareness. Tantric massage provides a sensual healing that creates important health benefits for people in all walks of life.

Couple Therapy

Tantric massage techniques and spiritual beliefs are about 9,000 years old and may have begun in the Himalayan Mountains of India. The spiritual energy targets the feminine energy as nourishment for the male. This ancient massage values and believes that sensual healingis vital to the health benefits of both men and women.
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Often, couples use Tantric massage techniques to stimulate their arousal and enhance their intimacy. Erogenous zones are stimulated and pleasure is provided in a sensual manner of love and caring. The massage therapist skilled in Tantric massage may teach couples the techniques that improve their physical intimacy with sensual touch and enhance their desire.

Authentic Tantric Massage

A therapist skilled in the Tantric arts will ideally open your chakras and align the pathways to your sexual awareness with sensual touch and massage maneuvers. This massage should unblock emotional and habitual ways of looking at your sexual feelings that may have prevented you from experiencing the truly sensual healing of the body. Tantric arts show people how to feel the natural energy that moves through their body and is devoted to the emotional and health benefits achieved from the healing power of touch.

Emotional and Spiritual Benefits

The Tantric arts practices that sexual health and stress relief are vital to the overall health benefits of this ancient art. For those who have used extensive medications for sexual activity or feel blocked from experiences of eroticism, the techniques of the Tantra promise to restore the senses with sensual healing and massage.

The true Tantric massage goes beyond massage techniques and delves into the spiritual and emotional aspects of sensual healing. Ensure that your experience with the Tantric arts is genuine and do some research into this ancient art of powerful healing.

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