Banana passion fruit

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Banana passion fruit

Image by Ashley Basil
Rats, Cats, bats and Trout
Madeira is a remote island and as a result of that has a large number of endemic species and are at risk from invasive species
like the Banana passion fruit.
So what is most a risk, birds, plants, fungi, Invertebrates ?
Their is no native fresh water fish on Madeira but their are about 500 endemic Invertebrates Many of them will be fresh water species. They have never been exposed to fish predation,so they will not cope well, so why introduce Trout (rainbow and brown).
But hay they have a management plan, unlike the endemic Bat, ah but maybe the bat is about to lose some of its food source, so weakened they can’t get away from the rats and cats. The trout are now breading in the head waters, all the rivers are linked together by the Levadas.

“With a chemical spill, you could theoretically recover all the molecules,” says entomologist May Berenbaum of the University of Illinois. “With a biological organism that reproduces, once it’s out there, it’s out there. You can’t round it up.”………/L31a013_Azorean_freshwater_inverteb…‎…

1st Passion Fruit

Image by Key West Wedding Photography
Now this is really cool!!!
We’ve been growing Passion Fruit Vines for about 15 years, and have enjoyed their flowers and scents every season…
This is the 1st vine with Fruit.

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