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Best Reasons Why You Should Choose Food Grown From Organic Farming A lot of people are getting familiar with organic farming as the better food choice.In the United States, researchers have found out that by following organic farming methods, farmers will be able to reduce their production expenses up to 25%.This is accomplished because farmers are able to eliminate the use of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. What Is Organic Farming Method? This is a method of naturally raising plants and animals.Waste and pollution is avoided because this method uses only natural farming techniques, chemicals and synthetic materials are avoided, and biological materials are used to improve ecological balance, as well as, soil fertility.Organic farming relies mostly on biodiversity, natural ecological processes, and cycles that are made for the local conditions.
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Each day, there is a demand to adapt better farming methods.Each year, as the population has skyrocketed the demand of food has also increased, the problem is most farming methods is unsustainable.
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Why Modern Farming Techniques Are Unsustainable? Modern farming is becoming unsustainable because of a number of different reasons.Farming soils have become infertile because of use of chemical based fertilizers, as well as, lack of crop rotation.Furthermore, farming soils are prone to erosion because of ploughing and bad weather. In order to discourage weed growth and stop pest, modern farming method uses poisonous pesticides, harmful chemicals and sprays.Most modern farms are also accused of being cruel to animals when it comes to their housing, feeding and slaughtering.Organic farming advocates believes that all of these can be eliminated with the right kind of practices. Organic Food And Its Health Benefits Consumers are now increasing choosing organic food because they can see and taste the difference.There are plenty of choices when it comes to organic food from formaggi (cheeses), olio (oil), or salumi (cured meat), consumers have plenty of choices. Organically grown food have better nutrition compared to conventionally grown food.Since organic farming enhances the nutrients found on soil, it has better vitamins and minerals content. Organic farming also do not use poisonous chemicals, so it is a lot safer to consume.According to doctors, patients who have been exposed to harmful chemicals have the tendency to develop cancer early. Animals that grew on organic farms are not given antibiotics, growth hormones or fed with animal by products.Take note, animals fed with antibiotics can be harmful for human health in the long run.Conventional farming methods helps in creating antibiotic resistant bacteria, these are dangerous especially if a person becomes sick.Organic farming allows better living condition for most farm animals, they can move around freely and can graze naturally. When choosing the best food for your family, it is always a good thing to consider how it is grown and produced.Doing this will encourage better lifestyle choices for the family.

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