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5 Health Merits of Using Olive Oil Unlike other types of oil, research has proved that olive oil has numerous health benefits in our bodies and should also be included in any diet. The following are some of the five common merits of olive oil. Helps lower bad cholesterol intakes One of the factors that has rapidly resulted to most of the body health complications is the use of bad types of oil. This type of oil is dangerous to one’s health and is a characteristic cause of plaque and blocked arteries thereby causing high chances of the body suffering from heart diseases. On the other hand however, olive oil is high source of monounsaturated fats which is always very much susceptible to oxidation therefore being able to reduce the high intake level of bad cholesterol and consecutively reducing the chances of heart complications.
Practical and Helpful Tips: Oils
Help increase the body iron intake levels
Practical and Helpful Tips: Oils
Iron is a very important mineral it the body and among some of it work is to help in the formation of hemoglobin, an oxygen carrying component in the body. With increased intake levels of olive oil you are guaranteed to of increasing the iron amounts in your body. This therefore means that in order for one to achieve enough iron amounts in their body it is important that they increase their olive oil intake. Help protect your body against some form of cancer Olive oils are well known to contain antioxidant as well as anti-cancer components. Therefore food rich in olive oil should be encouraged to be consumed more in any diet to help the body build on its defense mechanisms against this kinds of health complications. Olive oil help reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes With high insulin and blood sugar levels being the major causing factors of type 2 diabetes, scientific research has been able to prove that olive oil is able to minimize on this complications. With substances found in olive oil both insulin and blood sugar level are able to be checked in order not to cause adverse effect on the body. Reduce fat accumulation levels in the body It is characteristic of most oils to cause obesity. Unlike the industrial manufactured fats and oil, olive oil is known to contain very minimal cholesterol properties thereby making it a very safe product to use either for cooking or even much drinking. On the other hand olive oil has been scientifically tested and proved to contain low cholesterol levels and the small quantities are also used up with the body thus having none stored up hence the body not being able to gain a substantial amount of weight. In order to be able to enjoy this benefits it is important that you ensure you’ve bought the real olive oil.

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