Passion flower 2

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Passion flower 2
Image by tanakawho

Passion Flower
Image by DrPhotoMoto
The purple passion flower is a beautiful bloom. It reminds me of a circus ride or perhaps a roulette wheel. It grows wild and attracts many types of bees and is also the exclusive larval host plant for the gulf fritillary. It is the Tennessee state wildflower and is called Ocoee by the Cherokee. The vine produces seed pods which look something like an apricot and are edible. They taste refreshing. The dried seed pods pop when you step on them thus the name maypop.

When bees land on the flower they gather nectar by walking around the colorful wheel of petals. As they walk they contact the pollen producing anthers which hang directly over the wheel of petals. Notice the bee in the shot below with the load of pollen on his back.

Pollen transfer takes place when the bee contacts the sticky pollen collecting organs called stigma which are conveniently located directly above the flower. They are designed to gather in pollen from bees as they navigate on and off the flower. Pollen passes down the style and into the central green ovary where the egg is fertilized.

Coral Passionflower
Image by sgrace
Capitola, CA

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