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American Barrels: A Distillery Unlike Any Other As a country, there are many things that all Americans would agree that they should be proud of. Among those things there are two types of barrels, and they are of the whiskey and gun variety. American Barrels is a bourbon distillery, and they aim to honor both of those things that our country proudly holds high. By designing their bottles as a shotgun shell, American Barrels creatively invented a way to honor American icons with every sale of their bourbon. That isn’t the only cool thing about American Barrels’ bottles because that shotgun shell is in the deadly grasp of a rattlesnake. The bottle that is manufactured by American Barrels definitely stands out from the crowd, and is more than just a cool design. It is a tribute to our country and it’s exceptional skill in distilling spirits. American Barrels may have a well above average design, but that is still not completely what makes this distillery better than others. The taste of American Barrel’s bourbon, however, is what will really make whiskey lovers understand how much time and effort was put into distilling this bourbon. A good bourbon is rich and goes down easy, and that is exactly what American Barrel’s bourbon is, but with a hint of caramel and vanilla. Seeing as the bourbon is 90 proof, it will come as a surprise to veteran whiskey drinkers how smooth American Barrels’ bourbon is. Most would consider American Barrels to be a young distillery compared to it’s competition, but the bourbon itself can equal the oldest of distilleries. American Barrels takes a unique approach to their distilling process. There is an ultrasonic tweaking process after the barrel process that helps set the taste apart from others in a big way. This action is done to replace the aging process, so that it takes less time to get a really good tasting bourbon. Regardless of the amazing taste that American Barrels offers, they also took the extra step to get rid of hangovers that one will usually get after a night of drinking.
A Quick Overlook of Beverages – Your Cheatsheet
American Barrels is truly different in terms of their originality. It is actions like these that separate American Barrels’ bourbon from other bourbon just like how American pioneering set America apart from other countries. Thoughts about our country, it’s history, and it’s values that Americans hold true were always present when starting this distillery, and the traditions that are important to America are also important to the bourbon makers. If you are like most American whiskey lovers, and you think that associating yourself with a bourbon means something, then you can not go wrong with choosing American Barrels’ bourbon every single time you drink.A Quick Overlook of Beverages – Your Cheatsheet

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