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A Guide to Plantation Shutters Different types of shutters have been used worldwide for more than 100 years. Their usage, historically, has been to protect against extreme weather conditions. Normally located on the outside of the building, when these shutters are closed, they can protect against the harshest weather conditions. Used for both function and style, shutters are great addition to any building. One familiar type of shutter is the Plantation shutter. Made with louvered panels, these shutters allow those in the building to moderate the temperature, privacy, and amount of sunlight let in. As well as being practical, these shutters are stunning to the eye and add to the buildings overall look. Plantation shutters come in a large variety of styles. They can be made of Poplar, Basswood, or hardwood. The best quality shutters are made of Hardwood, though Basswood and Poplar are the most common woods used Hardwood may be more expensive than the other woods, but it is more aesthetically pleasing and more durable, making it a better value. Along with the different materials that can be used, there are also a variety of styles of plantation shutters. Here are descriptions of different styles of plantation shutters:
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-Full Height Shutters
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A Full Height shutter covers the whole window. Because of its full coverage, this type of shutter fully protects from the elements while maintaining a simplistic style that is pleasing to the eye. Cafe Style Shutters: Another style of shutter is the Cafe style, which covers only the bottom section of the window. This allows a great amount of light to enter while still ensuring privacy. This style comes in different panel styles as well as different finishes allowing them to match the style of the building. -Tier on Tier Shutters The last type of plantation shutter is the Tier on Tier shutter, which is a Full Height shutter that has been divided into top and bottom sections. The two sections allow you to have the maximum amount of sunshine let in while still allowing the maximum amount of privacy. Historically, plantation shutters were used in the Southern United States during the Pre-Civil War era on large plantation houses. These houses utilized the shutters to protect them from the sun while still allowing a breeze to pass through the house. Adding a great amount of elegance and functionality to the plantation houses, they became an integral part of their design. Now, these shutters can be used for practical reasons while adding style to the building. They make a great substitute for blinds, are can fit the style of nearly all buildings. This style has grown drastically over the years, and can be seen on many buildings worldwide.

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