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All About Air Mattresses A plastic, PVC, or rubber mattress filled with air for support is commonly known as an air mattress or air bed. An air mattress makes a perfect choice for camping excursions or small guest rooms, as it can be easily deflated and rolled away for future access. Whether by manual blowing of air, traditional foot pumps, or modern electric-powered pumps, air mattresses are easy to inflate in a number of ways. Some new models of air mattress are self-inflating via a simple valve which opens and closes to let air in and out. Types of Air Mattresses Air mattresses typically come in three varieties – full-time use, part-time use, and mobile/camping models. While some mattresses may be capable of multiple applications, many are specifically created with a single use in mind. Still others can be custom made or ordered in unique shapes to fit into unique positions, such as attics, unorthodox rooms, or even the beds of pickup trucks. Depending on what you need in a mattress, the type best suited to you will vary. Air mattress thickness, for example, will have an effect on cushion and comfort, with wider mattresses generally being more comfortable for long term use. A raised bed will also provide additional levels of comfort, as will raised air mattresses with cushioned pillow tops. On the other end of the spectrum, thin sleeping pads, rather like a miniature version of an air mattress, can add a touch of comfort to a trek and fit easily into a backpack. An additional foam layer frequently adds comfort and warmth to these thin mattresses, or “sleeping pads”. Rubber mattresses meanwhile make better permanent fixtures, due to their durability and toughness. A sturdy air mattress such as this can even be installed and left for permanent use. A permanent air mattress will look and work just as a traditional mattress does, with the exception of one or more hoses present to manage the levels of air in the chamber(s). However, don’t see these hoses as a detriment – they allow for adjustment of pressure levels throughout the mattress, to meet the specific needs of unique sleepers.
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Some air mattresses also feature remote controlled adjustments of position and pressure. They can even improve your overall health and well-being, providing relief and relaxation to those with back pain or trouble sleeping. The ability to modify the solidness of a sleeping pad to suit distinctive body shapes, sizes, and weights, can be a variable in the healing process. For more information and to learn exactly which air mattress is best for you, please feel free to contact us today.

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