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Tips to Taking Better Care of Your Plantation Shutters One way of achieving a fabulous finish to your window is by fitting plantation shutters. They are normally built in the window. For plantation shutter to last long they have to be given proper care and maintenance. Maintenance of the plantation shutter is not a simple task. Cleaning and checking for damage in the shutters are some of the ways of maintenance. If proper care is given to the plantation shutter they provide a good look to your house. Below are some of the ways to take good care of your plantation shutters. Regularly rotating the plantation shutter blades ensures they have an attractive look. The main purpose of rotating the blades is to identify broken and worn out parts that should be replaced. Plantation shutters are specially built for windows, this means they are customized to fit your specific window. This means that the window should not be shaky, a shaky plantation shutter should be replaced with a well fitting one. The blades should be rotated carefully to prevent damage. Plantation shutters are given a good look by their color, this means they should be kept dust free. Plantation shutter come in different colors. Light colored plantation shutters require close attention in order to maintain their look, the shutters should be wiped daily. They have to be cleaned with a wet cloth to completely remove the dust. After wiping the shutter carefully dry it. After rain wipe the water off the shutters. This is because the shutters are made of materials such as iron and timber, materials that are easier to clean and maintain. The emphasis on drying the shutter is to prevent rusting and breakage of the materials.
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There are specific ways of safeguarding plantation shutter. Avoid exposing the shutter to materials such as silicon based products. Be careful when opening the window. If it is designed in such a way that they are slid, blades should be opened in that way. The movement of the shutter can be enhanced by ensuring the shutter is grit free. The blades can be protected from damage by closing them when bi- folding the panel. Contacting the manufacturer is a way of acquiring tips on how to take proper care of your plantation shutter as this will give you all the product specific tips you need to keep your shutters looking good for longer.
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Maintenance of plantation is quite different from maintenance of shades and blinds. Plantation shutters will entail more care to maintain their look. A way of making maintenance easier is by purchasing plantation shutter that require little care. A plantation shutter made of hardwood is easier to maintain than one made of softwood. Vacuuming is a way of cleaning all types of plantation shutters. Replacing fading timber shutters is recommended. Aluminum made plantation shutter should be recoated where necessary. This however, will not replace the original look that the shutter had while new.

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