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Learn All About Plantation Shutters Once you have bought a house, getting to decorate and choose how you will spruce it up can be very exciting. One thing you need to think about especially is what type of window treatments you are going to use and what sorts of decorations or items around your windows. There are several different kinds of window shutters that you can choose from, and in this article, you will learn about plantation shutters and find out if they are something you want to invest in for your home. So if you came here to learn more about plantation shutters, you are in the right place. We will first talk about how different from plantation shutters traditional or regular shutters are, so that you can tell the specifics of each. Windows can be hard to insulate in winter, so traditional and early New England homes in the United States usually featured places and homes that had smaller windows, so this is where people had traditional shutters. So it is often that you see smaller traditional shutters, but not always. Traditional shutters are most often found in homes that use decor that is early American or considered country. Plantation shutters first came from huge plantation homes in the South, if this was not already obvious due to their name. Plantation shutters went on the outside of homes to protect the interior from the hot rays of the sun, and you can still see this style displayed on Southern homes, especially in the city of New Orleans. Today you can see examples of many people using plantation shutters inside their home, too. Plantation shutters, when they are open, are great because they let in so much light and also give great views out the window. When plantation shutters are closed, you will get a lot of privacy from neighbors and street views and they really do keep the sun out to the keep the home cool.
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California shutters is another name used to mean plantation shutters, as this style of window treatment can be found all over states in the United States that have warm climates. So now you must decide, are plantation shutters the right choice for you to use in your home? If you live in an area with a warm climate, and your home has large windows, the answer for you may be yes. The next step is to research window and shutter companies in your area that can help you install plantation shutters and find a style that works for you. Hopefully now you know a bit more about traditional shutters and plantation shutters.Shutters Tips for The Average Joe

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