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How to Make Your Flowers Last Longer Flowers are beautiful and they can make your home smell wonderful. But there is just one problem: we would like them to last much longer than they do. However, there are some things that you can do in order to keep your flowers for as long as possible. Read below if making your flowers last longer is something that you are interested in. Soda may be bad for your teeth but it is great for preserving your flowers. A quarter cup of soda pop will extend the life of your flowers significantly. This works because the sugar in the soda feeds the plants. You need to use regular soda and not diet, however. For clear glass vases, it would be a good idea to go with a colorless sodas. Something that you probably have in your bathroom cabinet right now can aid in keeping your flowers fresher longer: hair spray. Hair spray helps to preserve your hairstyle and it can do the same for cut flowers. Don’t get too close to your flowers when you spray them. You don’t want the petals to become soaked with spray. You also want to avoid over spraying the stem, instead concentrating on the petals and the leaves. Bacteria growth is why flowers wilt and dry. Your flowers will live longer if you can inhibit the growth of bacteria. Vodka is a great way to impede the growth of bacteria. Just a few drops is all you will need. You will need to dump out the vodka every day and replace it with a fresh shot.
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Dropping pennies into a vase of flowers is another trick you can use. It works because copper neutralizes the acidity of water. You should also drop in a tablespoon of sugar to help with this process. And pennies also look pretty cool in the bottom of vase.
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Many people commonly take aspirin but most of them don’t know that aspirin can also be used to help your flowers look their best for the longest time possible. For many decades, florists have been crushing aspirins and adding them to the water in flower vases. Bleach is another thing you probably have around the house that helps cut flowers remain fresh. It works the same way vodka does. But sense the smell is particularly pleasing most people would rather choose other options. As you can see, many household items will aid you in your mission to have long-living flowers. Even if you don’t add things to your water, you can boost the lifespan of your flowers by simply changing the water every day.

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