Passionfruit Macaron, Bread and Butter Pudding, 72% Hot Chocolate – Monsieur Truffe AUD2.50, AUD4, AUD5

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Passionfruit Macaron, Bread and Butter Pudding, 72% Hot Chocolate – Monsieur Truffe AUD2.50, AUD4, AUD5
Image by avlxyz
The Ecuador hot chocolate was smooth and fragrant, but we couldn’t help thinking of the Koko Black hot chocolate with a little something extra that we can’t place. Monsieur Truffe’s hot chocolate was probably made with a good cocoa powder, and not too hard to replicate at home. But still, very very good!

A dense bread and butter pudding loaded up with rum soaked fruits! A very adult version of this dessert. Great value at AUD4.

Would have loved to have more custardy brioche and maybe some custard on the side, but hey, that would double the price!

A light and tangy passionfruit macaron filled with dense, chocolatey ganache! The passionfruit really brings out the floral chocolate flavours.

Great place to pop by for a dessert and a cup of steaming hot chocolate!

Monsieur Truffe
(03) 94163101
90 Smith St, Collingwood VIC 3066

Monsieur Truffe – by mellie, Tummy Rumbles, May 13th, 2009
Monsieur Truffe – Urbanspoon 93%
Monsieur Truffe – by jeroxie – Addictive and Consuming, October 27, 2009
Chocolatiers raise the bar – by Jane Hutchinson, The Age, November 30, 2010 In Smith Street, Collingwood, Monsieur Truffe’s Fregoni says Melbourne is joining a world trend that began in Europe 40 years ago and has gathered pace with the artisanal bean-to-bar movement in the US. His stylishly minimalist Monsieur Truffe chocolate boutique has sleek bars of single-origin chocolate from 20 regions including Madagascar, Mexico, Papua New Guinea and Uganda.

Second Course: Smoked Bacon-wrapped Gulf Shrimp
Image by ulterior epicure
Three fat and succulent gulf prawns wrapped in smoky bacon is sauced with a sweet, tangy and spicy Passionfruit- honey mustard sauce. There are also two slices of fatty avocado.

Taste: The passionfruit-honey mustard sauce tasted very much like a fruity honey mustard. The server said they used two types of mustard – Dijon and another brown mustard sauce. The prawns were burstingly succulent and the bacon was crunchy – almost a tempura like effect – wonderful! The buttery avocado added the perfect touch of velvety luxury!!

Passionfruit flowers
Image by Kat.
A bit like aliens.

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