Chocolat Passion

Belas imagens de Maracuja que encontrei esta semana no Flickr:

Chocolat Passion
Image by murilocardoso
Começando por baixo: creme de maracujá, sorvete de mousse, chocolate, sorvete de maracujá e chocolate de novo…

Feira Livre 54
Image by Luiz Fernando / Sonia Maria
Todo o colorido e a beleza de um dos mais pitorescos aspectos culturais do Rio de Janeiro e do Brasil – A Feira Livre.

A Feira focada se localiza na rua Duquesa de Bragança, entre os bairros de Vila Isabel e Grajaú e acontece em todos os sábados.

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Carnivorous Passiflora
Image by Josh*m
Passiflora foetida is the single purportedly carnivorous species of Passiflora. The spikey glandular bracts create a reticulating shield around developing buds and fruits; the sticky glands reportedly trap insects and digest them with proteolytic enzymes. Resulting free amino acids have been shown to be absorbed and channelled to the flowers and fruits. However, there is no sign of any captured prey here (you can see some in this person’s much better photos). It grows near my house (!), and is supposedly native in some parts of the U.S. and introduced in others. While this passiflora seems to be the only one generally referred to as carnivorous, this rather different species seems to have similar glandular bracts. I don’t know if this is common in passifloras or what.

Passiflora is well known as a bizarre confluence of evolution and legend. Supposedly when the Spanish missionaries discovered passifloras upon their arrival in the New World, they fancied the flower as a representationsof the implements of crucifixion (hence the name passionflower), and perhaps as a sign of their mission from G•d to christianize the natives. Of course, they probably would have christianized the natives anyway.

For us non-Christians, supposedly there is an atheist interpretation of Passiflora morphology, but I can’t find it in the internet (anyone have the spring 2000 issue of the Passiflora Society newsletter?). Apparently it has also been adopted as a symbol by some segment of the gay community in Japan, but sadly I can’t find out much about that either, other than oblique references on a couple of websites.

DSCF4092a Picnik
Image by SantaRosa OLD SKOOL

Image by Difusa

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