Maracujá flower

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Maracujá flower
Image by Dave Lonsdale

flor do maracujá
Image by jmarconi

Maracuja-Nektar in der Pause des Martha Agerich Konzerts in der Glocke in Bremen
Image by multipel_bleiben

TAB – Caipirinha de Maracuja
Image by Xin Li 88
Inspired by the cult film ‘City of God’. A twist on the classic caipirinha with fresh limes and golden-ripe passionfruit

"TAB is a mid-sized, live music venue where good food and drinks play an important part in the total concert experience. The first of its kind in Singapore and possibly South East Asia, TAB is split over three levels of the old Orchard Hotel Galleria space and showcases the talents of local and foreign artists alike. The venue seats 200 to 250 comfortably, or has a maximum capacity of 600 standing. The feel of the space aims to echo that of legendary venues in New York and London – think The Bowery Ballroom meets Ronnie Scott’s."

+65 6493-6952

Maracuja NYE 12.31.10
Image by Ballantino

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